Ceding ground to capitalist ideologues, and a warning toanarchists

Carrol Cox cbcox at SPAMilstu.edu
Tue Dec 14 17:39:04 MST 1999

Paul Flewers wrote:

>  Can we give it a break and have some more
> political discussion?

I can't think of a more political discussion than a discussion of
how marxists should relate to non-marxist who are either
"leftist" enemies of marxism or non-marxist leftists who might
be brought to marxism (or at least to principled cooperation
with marxists).

This discussion is deeply political. Everyone of us on every
side of the argument is thinking not just of lbo and pen-l
but innumerable political shadings out there in the world that
we have to deal with in a more or less friendly, more or less
antagonistic way.


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