Questions for Ethiopian Cdes re: EPRP

David Altman altman_d at
Tue Dec 14 19:09:31 MST 1999

>From: "Ghebremichael Woldeselassie" <ghebremichael at>

>A Tigre is a tiger, someone from Tigray is a Tigrayan, and speaks Tigrigna
>as do Eritreans (unless they speak Saho or Arabic).  Tigre is a slip of the
>tongue by your Ras Tefari's relatives!

I stand corrected!  I seem to recall back during the '80s "Tigre" was the
word often used (erroneously) in the Left press here to describe people from
Tigray Province.  And no, I'm an American, not a South African (my wife is

David Altman
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