On LBO and De Long was Re: Harry , a son of the Devilhimself

Carrol Cox cbcox at SPAMilstu.edu
Tue Dec 14 15:15:58 MST 1999

Louis Proyect wrote:

<<So the Internet comes along and provides a space for the leftwing. No
advertising and no censorship. But you do have people who can not tolerate
leftwingers having a conversation.. . . .This is not about engaging with
slightly "different from our own". It is about totalitarianism.>>

I agree with Lou completely in this. In fact I jumped the gun
a bit and irked Louis on getting rid of the anarchist guy who
was cluttering this list. I regard Dennis, in fact, as coming close
to the line of tolerance on a list which should consist only of
committed marxists talking to each other.

There are other maillists where dogmatic individualists (those more
intent on "not being wrong" or not being embarassed before their
non-marxist intellectual friends than on developing the struggle) ,
can enjoy making dogmatic Marixts twitch.

BUT Lou and Jim and Gary are mixing two rather different
questions. (1) What the marxism and L-I lists should be
on the one hand and (2) critique of LBO and Pen-L on
the other hand. And I think this leads them rather badly
astray. The topic is complicated, and I am working on a
much longer post concerning it which will be sent in the
next couple of days.


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