Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Tue Dec 14 12:47:23 MST 1999

Starting on January first, I will be using Hypermail for Marxism list
archives. MHonArc was just too buggy and poorly documented to be usable,
although some sites seem to be using it without any trouble.

I have begun using Hypermail starting today, but I can not use it
retroactively since it can only be used with current messages. In any case,
if you want to look at December archives beginning with today, I invite you
to go to: It would also be a
good idea to give it careful scrutiny since this will be the permanent form
of the archives from Jan. 1 on. I can alter the configuration file so that,
for example, an index can be in descending order, etc. So feedback would be
most useful.

Louis Proyect

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