Ceding ground to capitalist ideologues, and a warning toanarchists

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at SPAMosu.edu
Tue Dec 14 10:57:22 MST 1999

Lou, Mark, & Jim C.:
>LBO-Talk is more and more taking the shape of a forum for Henwoodism, which
>is a blend of postmodernism, post-Keynsianism and idle chatter. The few
>remaining Marxists on the list are being accused of "Proyectites" when they
>affirm that there was something positive about the Soviet Union.

Hey, on LBO-talk, we still outnumber, not to mention outsmart, Brad DeLongs
of the world.

>From: sawicky at epinet.org (Max Sawicky)
>To: <lbo-talk at lists.panix.com>
>Subject: RE: Harry , a son of the Devil himself
>Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 10:18:34 -0500
>Another one for the killfile. I gotta find a right-wing list to subscribe
>to. This one is doing... bad things to my politics...
>Brad DeLong
>Not to worry.  You can always join the ADA.
>There's a picture of Harry in our conference room.

Lou wrote:
>If I do go back on PEN-L (I was suspended for a week for my attack on
>DeLong), I will participate there with the same attitude that most people
>do. They have a political agenda which they are seeking to publicize. I
>think the only person who still harbors a notion that it is a forum for
>like-minded people seeking the same basic goal is the moderator Michael
>Perelman, god bless him.

Do come back, and just ignore Brad, as Mike Yates does.


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