Tributes to the Fallen? was Re: Jack Foner

Owen Jones owen.jones at
Fri Dec 17 17:24:31 MST 1999

> The old lefties are dying fast.  We should remember them.  The Foners:
> what an amazing family!  I would have been very proud to be a member.
> Thanks for the post, Louis.


          God save me from resorting to "bourgeois sentimentality" here, or
jumping on this mass commercialised Millennium bandwagon, but this comment
from Michael above gave me an idea.

 We are coming to the end of the 20th Century, and that may not be
particularly significant, since eras do not begin and end with such
artificial divisions (arguably, if we go by Eric Hobsbawn's 'Age of
Extremes' work, the Century lasted from 1914-1991). But this has been an
extremely important century for the working class movement, for this is the
most revolutionary century in history, yet also the most
counter-revolutionary and reactionary century in history - indeed, the very
dialectic of history.

 In reference to "The old lefties are dying fast", on this principle would
it not be a nice idea for comrades to maybe forward some article, or a quick
reflection - maybe only three words, or a poem, or something else along
those lines, in tribute to the fallen Communists of this century.

 It doesn't just have to be the biggy Communist leaders - such as Lenin,
Trotsky, Guevara, etc... It could be about the Bolsheviks who died in the
freezing Stalinist concentrations camps of Siberia; those progressives shot
dead by the forces of Pinochet in the stadium of Santiago de Chile; the
Communists massacred by Fascism in Europe during the 1930s and 1940s; the
fallen Vietnamese revolutionaries; or the East Timorese resistance fighters
massacred by occupying Indonesian troops.

 In recognition of the fact this is a non-sectarian, multi-sub-political
list, the different red flags could all pay a tribute to their "fallen". It
doesn't have to be cheesy, just reflective, and to make people evaluate this
bloody century that is to pass (though being cynical, the 20th Century is
doomed to continue into the 21st...)

 Just an idea.



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