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Fri Dec 17 16:33:14 MST 1999

> Carrol Cox wrote:
> The position of Gandhi in this poll still seems the most
> shocking (along with its temporal and geographical
> narrowness in general). Lumumba, Nasser, Peron,
> Ho, Tecumseh, Mao, Sun Yat Sen, Juarez, Cabral, Zapata,
> Bolivar, Geronimo, Toussaint, the Chinese emperor who tried to
> stop the opium trade, and many more would be preferable.
> These were men (males) who at least kept up human courage.
> Probably one should not vote in such polls.
> Carrol
Marx winning would be a good propaganda coup and would piss off a lot of
capitalists jast as Marx winning the September "Thinker of the Millenium" poll
was good for some attention. And if it provkes just one person to read Marx for
the first time I think it's a good thing.

Marx beating out Jesus would also be enjoyable:)

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