Questions for Ethiopian Cdes re: EPRP

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Fri Dec 17 20:41:09 MST 1999

>We do still hope that such matters will be issues of discussion on this list
>- what is the flesh on the bones of socialist ideas?
>Gheb for all.

Actually, I think I will be joining Joao, but I will be taking advantage of
Columbia University's excellent research library to gather together some
books on Ethiopia itself. One of the advantages working here is that I have
access to titles that wouldn't be available to the average person. Browsing
through the shelves the other afternoon, I got a chuckle out of the remarks
that someone had written in the title page of one Marxist analysis of the
'75 revolution--very likely an Ethiopian student. He wrote a 50 word
dismissal of the book for posterity. One book of recent vintage seems kind
of interesting. Written by an anthropologist by the name of Donham, it
attempts to deal with the reaction of some villagers to the Derg through
the methodology of Eric Wolf, a Marxist anthropologist who died of cancer
recently and whom I hold in high esteem. One of the reasons I want to do
this is that I have been trying to figure out an approach into
understanding African issues. My background is in Latin American politics,
so it has been most useful to exchange ideas with Nestor and Carlos. But I
can have that discussion because I have been reading Marxist literature on
Latin America since 1967. Now that I have an opportunity to discuss with
African revolutionaries themselves, I would be derelict not to take
advantage of that. Especially when it is free.

Louis Proyect
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