Inaugural Executions (Was re; International tribunals)

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Fri Dec 17 21:06:08 MST 1999

Philip L Ferguson wrote:

>  Didn't Clinton mark his inauguration with the execution of a
> mentally-retarded young black man whose conviction was rather dubious?

Worse. During the New Hampshire primary campaign (when the race
for the nomination was still up in the air) he took an ostentatious break
from campaigning to fly home to Arkansas to sign the death warrant. I
don't remember the details of the trial, but the victim was a minor at
the time of the crime and, worse, he had been brain damaged and had
no idea what was happening to him. At his "last meal" he said he'd
save the dessert to eat at bedtime. Clinton's campaign manager said
that this was the turning point of the campaign. So Clinton is president
by virtue of murdering a brain-damaged young man.


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