reagan on Trial

Philip L Ferguson PLF13 at
Fri Dec 17 20:15:54 MST 1999

On 17 Dec 99, at 9:44, Philip L Ferguson wrote:
> I wonder if some right-wing Third World dictatorship put the US president
> or British PM on trial, liberals and people on the left would get so
> excited and supportive as they do when imperialism decides to shaft one of
> its former flunkeys and charge them.

Patrick Bond replied:
Don't know about whether a right-wing dictatorship would attack its
sponsor forthrightly, but sure, lots of "people on the left" got
excited about putting the Reagan and the US on trial for bombing
Nicaraguan harbours. Louis, details?

Er, Patrick, I didn't realise you thought the Sandinistas were a
'right-wing Third World dictatorship'.   .-)

Look again at my email!  I said the left gets excited about ('democratic')
imperialists regimes putting former right-wing despots on trial, but I
doubt they'd get excited about right-wing Third World regimes putting
'democratic' imperilaists - ie people like Clinton and Blair - on trial.

Philip Ferguson

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