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These polls don't interest me much.
But Gandhi wasn't lacking in courage, if that's the criterion for ranking



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> I don't quite agree. Gandhi was not the fragile little man that
> the British media made known the world over. IMHO, and perhaps
> Ulhas will strongly correct my vision, he was a great national
> leader in a country that had been reduced to immobility by
> decades of hunger under the Raj. He discovered what we use to
> call 'el agujero del mate' (the hole in the mate gourd) as we say
> here: how can one make a revolution in a country where the people
> cannot struggle arms in hand, and even reject this perspective
> though of course they would prefer to be independent? In a very
> Maoist fashion (I am not saying Gandhi was a Mao, please do not
> understand), he transformed the weakness into an unstoppable
> strength.
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> :The position of Gandhi in this poll still seems the most
> :shocking (along with its temporal and geographical
> :narrowness in general). Lumumba, Nasser, Peron,
> :Ho, Tecumseh, Mao, Sun Yat Sen, Juarez, Cabral, Zapata,
> :Bolivar, Geronimo, Toussaint, the Chinese emperor who tried to
> :stop the opium trade, and many more would be preferable.
> :These were men (males) who at least kept up human courage.
> :
> :Probably one should not vote in such polls.
> :
> :Carrol
> :

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