"Detention" of Pinochet

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky gorojovsky at SPAMinea.com.ar
Sun Dec 19 18:49:28 MST 1999

I do not see why does Mac see some difference between what José has said and
what Mac himself is saying. The one and the other are, IMHO, stating the same
thing. José is not making a legalist stand, he is pointing to the general theory
so to say, while Mac has an eye on the workings of the imperialist rule today.  
What really must interest us is to know whether it is true or not that the
actual face of democracy in imperialist countries is misery and violation of
human rights in the subject ones. This is the central point of a theory of
imperialism: that the true face of imperialist rulers must be searched in the
Third World. And this can be predicated of all of them, even -for example- such
a great person as the late Olof Palme, though certainly not out of his own
personal likings.     Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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Asunto: Re: "Detention" of Pinochet
:While I agree with the passions of Jose's reply, I do believe the
:argument is getting somewhat off track. It really is more dangerous
:than the (I believe obvious) danger of having the Imperialists pick and
:choose which course of action to take in paternalising the neo-
:colonies. It goes deeper. International politics is not truly fought
:out through law, when we hark to international law, as in the IAC's
:attempt to get Clinton/Blair/Solana/etc. indicted it is not so that
:they can actually pull it off...

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