SV: Hot from the Slavoj Zizek Masturbatorium

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Sun Dec 19 06:15:02 MST 1999

>Irony, man. Get it or you don't, yeah???
>Mark Jones

Probably don't.


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Ämne: Re: Hot from the Slavoj Zizek Masturbatorium

>For what it's worth (nothing) Louis Proyect and I were practically the first on
>the Net to DEFEND THE SERBS in the Kosovo war and to proclaim the Serb struggle
>for national survival as an important battle for ALL LEFISTISTS  to share.
>Irony, man. Get it or you don't, yeah???
>Mark Jones
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>I think it sounds like the kind of satire a porno (not pomo) magazine might
>indulge in. It's virulently anti-serbian, though I couldn't help finding it a
>little funny in spots (for example, the notion that taxi-drivers in Belgrade
>have a degree in philosphy). Of course the premise that a Serb might receive
>recognition in the center of the very world that is engaged in destroying his
>country, is absurd. For instance, Spielberg would be more likely to make a film
>about an Albanian.
>Perhaps unlike some on this list I don't think that the serbs should be above
>critisism, but any critisism - whether in the form of satire or more sincere
>endeavours - should be footed in the realities of life in Serbia. For instance,
>the virulent anti-moslem sentiments voiced in films and books.
>Anders Püschel
>ahp at
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>Ämne: Re: Hot from the Slavoj Zizek Masturbatorium
>>Can someone explain this please.
>>M A Jones wrote:
>>> "Hoy, Dudes!!!!
>>> Moy naim, iss Slavoj. I yam from big seeti, Belhgrad, you know? But now I
>>> TAIM!!! Lekchurs!!! Gurls!!! Big pisstake of gobbliguk in New York Reviw of
>>> big seminars in Oxford, Englund in big lekchur halls where gurls sittin wiv
>>> legs akimbo, moufs agape, men, you wooden beleev!!! So fuckin EASY to score,
>>> men!!!!!!
>>> And not only LEKCHURS!!! Naow I yam to Hollyvut for Big taim PICTURE!!!
>>> WILLIS goin to star in BIOPIC of OLE SLAVOJ, mi kamerardie!!!! This big
>>> tell just to YOU!!! For your eyess ONLY, me leetle frend, you know why I
>>> in you thiss way? Kos you leetle tiny helpless bug-eyed email freak, need a
>>> help in your life or a jerkoff anyway,.
>>> But first dere frend, I kees you and I tell you leetle somefink about life
>>> I born unt bred in old Belhgrad.
>>> Iss verra beeg seeti, lotov nais gurls. I yam teksi-draiverr in Belhgrad. I
>ken do
>>> for you, WHATEVER!!! WHATEVER!!! you laik!
>>>  Slavoj can fiks it!!!!
>>> Nait-kloob, gurls, bit of snort, bitov smak, whatever, Slavoj fiksit. Kak we
>>> No Problemo. Slavoj fiks everfink. Lotov sisters, big femili, me. And that's
>>> ALL!!! Know wjat? We heckers in Belhgrad, we fiks the Net damn gut, during
>>> leetl Kosovo misunderstanding we get Yanks to piss on Chinkie embassy real
>>> good, we give Madeleine Albright big mustache on Foggy Bottom website,
>>> we do anyfink Slobo want, cash transfer thru Bank of New York, we Belhgrad
>>> heckers fiksit real gut, no fiks, no fee, get results. Now Chinese Peepl's
>>> Republic gonna give $300 million to Slobo! Not bad!! Yeah!!!
>>> So now we all famous dudes on Net!!!
>>> Now like I say,  I yam even verry famous BIG guy in Hollyvut!! I get
>>> Stephan Shpeelburg here, want to make nais film of Slavoj, I got nais
>>> ten percent of action know what I mean??? And why? Why little Slavoj get
>>> dis big pee-err?? Nuts about the NET!!! That's why! I run thees webpage,
>>> I sign webpage SLAVOJ KISS YOU!!! unt you know WJAT???
>>> You wooden BELIEVE, number of gurls who apply!!! Like I mean,, MILLIONS of
>>> tasty, tender, just-basted, not so basted, whatevr, apply to Slavoj for
>>> satisfaction, BIG KISSING unt no guilt, thassa main think!!! Nais leetle
>>> Europeans, Japanese slitty-eyed gurls, Californian CHICKS (Wow, man!) unt
>wjat I
>>> gotta do??? THEN AGAIN, RUSSIAN chiks!!!!! Wow, check eet out, men!!! Juss
>>> the gurls little bit Belhgrad NAITLIFE, leetle bit GREEK coffee, nais
>>> brandy, and BUM-BUM!!! Give them little talk-talk, Linguaphone style, big
>>> we talk UNTITTED NATIONS, we talk FILOSOPHIA, endocrinology, postmodernism,
>>> like that, then we drive around leetle bit, inspect big linden trees, press
>>> to bark, listen to sap rising, smell scent of nostalgic linden blossoms and
>>> BINGO!!! Again BOOM-BOOM!!! know what I mean???? Talk a leetle bit more
>>> (all Yugoslav teksi-driverss pass spercial state EXAMEN na filosophie, all
>hev to
>>> read little HEIDEGGER,  leetyl GEGEL, leetl SCHOPEHNAUER,  all that kinda
>>> than agin BINGO!!! leetl bit KANT!!! Me, Slavoj, I bin studying KANT all my
>>> know what I mean!!! I got so much time put in chekking out leetl bit Kraut
>>> ding-an-sich here, leetl bit Yankee Kant there, ili Japanese Kant,
>>> whatever, all saim think, hear creaking of KNICKER-ELASTIC one more time,
>>> ekshully, more CREAKING if MORE SYLLABLES PER WORD -- this
>>> main lessom wjat I hev learnt, mi kamaradies, learn leetle bit howe to score
>>> from OLD SLAVOJ!!! Talk more, fuck more!!
>>> This main lessun of pomo lekchur circuit, men. Old Slavoj, he very
>>> experienced TEKSI draiverr, teach you sometink SPERCIAL, men!!! even
>>> post-propter-kant, (snachet, nazivayetsa, "sodomy" na angliskum, ie.,
>>> epistemological subyekt exist prior to big dark obyekt boring into same from
>>> behind, sneeki Berkeleyan surpise attack, but complate FAILURE know what I
>>> mean!!!! Subyekt totally AWARE of same OBYEKT and NOT BLEIVE it is only
>>> fantasmagoric product of leetl serbian grey cells working owvertaim -- But
>also at
>>> same time kompleet SUKSESS! Because by time SUBYEKT conscious again, whole
>>> OK, iss enuf for now, mi kameradie. LISSEN UP Dudes!!! Slavoj gonna give big
>>> LEKCHUR about CHAIRMAN MAO, you know why? Kos chairman Mao, he a big
>>> pomo thinker before his taim, fuck thousands of dinky chinkies by means of
>>> THOUGHTS which reduce all to silence of lowest common denominator of
>>> IDENTITY politics which Chairman, Mao, he into in BEEG way.
>>> Another thing: if you gonna add lotta syllables to words, gotta also make
>>> each sentence into one BIG FUCKIN PARAGRAPH and then LEAVE OUT
>>> PREDICATE or main verb anyway. This get them all to thinking you
>>> leetle bit genius too, know what I mean????
>>> Your pel
>>> Slavoj

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