Mbeki, Pinochet & human rights

Philip L Ferguson PLF13 at SPAMstudent.canterbury.ac.nz
Thu Dec 16 18:42:29 MST 1999

Louis writes:
>It is not the case that bankrupt liberals and social democrats have
>universally rallied around the cause of bringing Pinochet to justice, least
>of all in Chile where the dregs of Allende's party have done everything
>they can to undercut this cause.

Followed by item from LA Times.

Yep, you are right Louis.  But I don't think I said it was universal, just
that it was very common.

Moreover, it seems clear from the LA Times article that the reason many
Chilean SP figures might not be keen about bringing Pinochet to justice is
the same as why Mbeki is not so keen on international tribunals trying old
torturers - it raises too many questions about the fact that the current
regimes in Chile and SA have both continued their own former despots'
economic programmes and given them immunity from prosecution.

The problem remains that the public debate is still cast around the
question of whether imperialist tribunals should or should not try these
people (and others, like Serb figures), with a lot of the left saying
'yes'.  Which is the wrong answer.

Philip Ferguson

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