Mengistu considers "returning to South Africa in the future"

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Thu Dec 16 06:26:08 MST 1999

Ahem, lonely comrade Grinker, you were not paying attention. The
argument that at least some of us advance on e-debate is that if
the Chilean progressive community calls for Pinochet to be tarred
and feathered abroad because they don't have the clout to do same
at home, then we should support that community in the spirit of
solidarity -- and because it may catalyse radical consciousness-
raising there and everywhere about the synthesis of Pinochet's
regime and imperialism.

And really, comrade, the Mbeki government is not one to endorse
when it comes to international political allies, for with the exception
of Castro perhaps, this is a sordid lot. For marxism-list readers
who have not heard, friends and financial supporters of Mandela
and Mbeki range from Bush Snr to Suharto, and since 1994 arms
sales have been recorded to a variety of murderous regimes, from
Algeria to Zaire.

You're just backlashing too hard again, com Russell.

On 16 Dec 99, at 14:19, Russell Grinker wrote:
> For once I tend to agree with Mbeki's approach which seems to
> indicate a refusal by the government to be sucked into the
> current wave of moralistic attempts to prosecute former
> despots/demonise China.
> I've been almost

(completely, I recall :-) )

> alone on the local Debate list in opposing the Pinochet
> business and even the persecution of Ocalan

Nope. Entirely different from Pinochet.

> as serious threats to old
> fashioned national sovereignty and part of reshaping Western modes of
> domination.  For many on the "left" here, these actions, on the contrary,
> herald a wonderful new phase of an international culture of human rights.
> Or at least people feel that it's OK as the bastards are finally "getting
> what they deserve".  Mbeki, however, has probably begun to realise the
> dangers of a relatively weak country like SA playing along with

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