Christopher Hitchens on his Love Affair with the USA

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Smith and Dickins were shocked that the U.S. states had defaulted on their bonds.

M A Jones wrote:

> Who looks at an American book?" asked the Reverend Sydney Smith scornfully in the
> Edinburgh Review of the mid-Victorian epoch. He went on to enquire whether anyone
> would care to attend an American play, or cast a glance at an American picture, or
> in general take even a bar of a tune from an American melody. As one of the more
> muscular and quotable critics of his time, Smith was by no means alone in his
> contempt. Dickens, in his fictional Martin Chuzzlewit and his journalistic
> American Notes, did his best to ridicule and discredit the notion of the United
> States as the land of opportunity. Lesser writers, such as the Boy's Own Captain
> Marryat and Frances May Trollope (aunt of John Major's allegedly favourite
> author), returned from the former colonies with similar tales of condescension and
> disdain.


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