Ceding ground to capitalist ideologues, and a warning toanarchists

Louis Proyect lnp3 at SPAMpanix.com
Tue Dec 14 13:27:25 MST 1999

>Mark, my recollection is that I did invite you to return to pen-l.  As for
Lou, I
>certainly do want him to return.  In fact, when I started a policy to
remove anybody
>but said anything that could lead to a flame, Lou even volunteered to have
>suspended -- I believe he said that I could Pinochet him.
>Michael Perelman

Actually I want to go on record and state that Michael Perelman has shown
remarkable courage in defending my right not only to be on PEN-L, but in
singling out my contributions as important. We both know that he has come
under considerable fire for putting up with me. In an odd way, I think
Michael is attracted to wild people like me, Jim Craven and Mark Jones. It
must remind him of his youth. The 3 of us never got smart enough to grow
up. Jim told me once about meeting up with Michael Perelman at some
high-toned economics convention. During a discussion session, Jim got up
and started railing at the speaker just like I do whenever given a chance.
Michael sort of buried himself in the seat of his chair.

Michael has also opened up some doors for me in the academic world. I just
got a review of Paul Burkett's latest book accepted for publication in
Journal of Economic Historical Thought which Michael arranged the initial
contact for. Now I don't care that much about getting published in these
toney places, but my mom sure does. She has all my journal publications in
a stack near her bed, which she is sure to show off to visitors as other
mothers her age show off pictures of their grandchildren.

Louis Proyect

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