Ceding ground to capitalist ideologues, and a warning toanarchists

Craven, Jim jcraven at SPAMclark.edu
Tue Dec 14 13:52:23 MST 1999

Actually I want to go on record and state that Michael Perelman has shown
remarkable courage in defending my right not only to be on PEN-L, but in
singling out my contributions as important. We both know that he has come
under considerable fire for putting up with me. In an odd way, I think
Michael is attracted to wild people like me, Jim Craven and Mark Jones. It
must remind him of his youth. The 3 of us never got smart enough to grow
up. Jim told me once about meeting up with Michael Perelman at some
high-toned economics convention. During a discussion session, Jim got up
and started railing at the speaker just like I do whenever given a chance.
Michael sort of buried himself in the seat of his chair.


Actually that was Dave Colander who sort of buried himself in his chair. We
were having drinks with some people--one was a pompous little junior hack so
proud that he was about to be tenured at Columbia even though he considered
himself an "institutionalist" and I was going on about my metaphor of the
microeconomics of the singles bar and poor Dave looked like he was in shock
because of my obvious lack of "refinement" (I am a registered "savage" and
it comes out now and then).

Actually Michael P was quite gracious and he was also quite obviously not
enamoured with some of the pompous and pretentious shit going on at that

Jim C.

Louis Proyect

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