Ceding ground to capitalist ideologues, and a warning toanarchists

Michael Hoover hoov at SPAMfreenet.tlh.fl.us
Wed Dec 15 14:09:06 MST 1999

> If I go back to LBO it wouldn't be the likes of
> DeLong or other scrotal retainers I'll be squeezing. It will be a fight to
> the
> death, no holds barred.
> Don't expect me to be civilised. I'll strangle
> the buggers with their own guts, is what I'll do. And you know I mean it. It
> will make the Adolfo Olaechea flame war look like a lonely candle on a high
> hill. It'll be a monster flame party that Schwarzenegger will buy the
> rights to.
> You'd have to wait for the implosion of the universe for anything better.
> mark

And in this corner, Cyber Macho Man...first time/tragedy, second time/farce,
third time/parody, fourth time/tv sit-com, fifth time/e-list posturing...
what tripe...      Michael Hoover

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