Woman of the millenium

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La Passionaria.


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Indira for "Woman of the Millenium?" Why not Ted Bundy for "Woman's Rights
Champion of the Millenium?" In India they used to say in Hindi: "Indira
hatao, indiri bachao" for a slogan (Abolish Indira and save your genitals).

Jim Craven

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>last month Indira Gandhi was chosen woman of the millenium


How the hell did that happen?  Anyone remember her state of emergency in
India in the 1970s and the general stench of corruption and repression
around her regime?  They may as well have voted for bloody Golda Meyer.

What happened to Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Louise Michel, Rosa
Luxemburg, Clara Zetkin, all the Bolshie Party women like Armand, Krupskaya
and Kollantai, the Cubans like Celia Sanchez and Haydee Santamaria,
Constance Markievicz in Ireland, and all the other revolutionary women
people on this list would know of?

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