Top designers quit, but MiG unfazed

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4 December 1999
Top designers quit, but MiG unfazed
By Vladimir Isachenkov
MOSCOW: The maker of world-famous MiG fighters has been embarrassed by the
resignation of a group of top designers, but company officials Friday
dismissed suggestions that the company's existence was threatened.
Some Russian media commentators described the resignations this week as a
near fatal blow to the Mikoyan and Gurevich design bureau, which marks its
60th anniversary next week. Anatoly Baranov, the chief spokesman for the
VPK-MAPO company which includes the MiG design bureau and production
facilities, said the loss, although painful, was hardly critical.
``The company has 15,000 employees, including 2,500 in the design bureau,''
Baranov said in a telephone interview. ``The resignation of five or six
people isn't vital.'' VPK-MAPO chief Mikolai Nikitin, hasn't yet accepted
the resignation of the designers, who were in charge of upgrading MiG-29 and
MiG-31 fighter jets, the company's top products.
Nikitin said that Valery Novikov, the chief designer of the MiG-29, and
another four engineers are currently on leave. Only Andrei Gorlov, who held
a managerial job in the company, had his resignation accepted. But company
officials conceded they could not stop the group from quitting. (AP)
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