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> I'd like to be able to follow Russian scene, a little closer, esp. about the
> CPRF's follies as evidenced below. Any periodicals or e-mail lists come to
> mind?
>                                           Michael Pugliese
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         You are getting a bit mixed up here, I think, comrade. The CPRF is
the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, not to be confused with the
Russian Communist Workers Party. I know little about the RCWP, though I
certainly know the leadership of the CPRF is a lot, lot worse.

 The CPRF has completed capitulated to capitalism and bourgeois "democracy".
They profess a policy of "market socialism" - apparently borrowed from
China. It is actually traditional rightwing Social Democracy [at best],
involving limited State control of "important" economic sectors (with full
compensation to the bourgeoisie). Not entirely surprising if you consider
that one CPRF deputy is a millionaire casino owner. They consistently betray
workers' struggles...the workers across Russia who have seized their
factories have been told at various times by the Party to hand them back to
their "rightful owners"; at the same time the demonstrators at vital times
such as the 1993 attack on the parliament by Yeltsin were told to
effectively calm down and go home by Zyuganov's leadership. To be quite
honest they're full of ultra-nationalist shit - see their web site at
http://www.kprf.ru/ ... if you look at their set of policies which I bet
differ little with Zhrinovsky's Liberal Democratic Party.

 The leadership of the CPRF are in effect a bunch of neo-Stalinists and
anti-Semitic reactionaries who represent nothing more than the emerging
Russian petty-bourgeoisie. It is thoroughly insulting for people like that
to call themselves Communists and blame Russia's economic problems on Jews,
call for the restoration of the military pride of the "Motherland", the
absolute "patriotic unity" of the nation, calls for order, etc, etc... They
almost renamed themselves Social Democrats back in 1996, though a lot of
their leadership's tacky populist rhetoric would put them on the far-Right
by any definition; especially since in many regions in the Federation, the
Party is in coalition with open Fascists.. Truly the unacceptable face of
neo-Stalinism; it is depressing because such is the extent of the
radicalisation of much of the Russian working class that if a truly
revolutionary leadership of the CPRF called for working class insurrection
tomorrow, the regime that currently attempts to represent the interests of
the intensely divided Russian ruling class would be toppled by Tuesday and a
Soviet Russia would be founded on Wednesday, and we'd be talking about
international revolution again on Thursday.

 There are certainly Communists within the Communist Party...somewhere on
the Web there is a "Left Platform of the Communist Party" I believe, if you
look, though other parties I believe are much more revolutionary than this
bunch who even in the eyes of the Western press have completely succumbed to
the "Yeltsin" regime (it's like the regime is playing pin pong with a
wall)...one such sizeable party recently had a vote to declare it was not
Trotskyist, a resolution that a quarter of the membership rebelled against.

 Fingers crossed that a truly mass revolutionary working class party of some
description or other comes to the forefront...


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