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I'd like to be able to follow Russian scene, a little closer, esp. about the
CPRF's follies as evidenced below. Any periodicals or e-mail lists come to
                                          Michael Pugliese
The following dialogue concerning the red/brown RKRP
recently appeared on the 'Stachkom' labor list. It
gives an interesting portrait of internal RKRP
politics since the departure of Victor Anpilov:

"QUESTION: To what extent [has] T'yulkhin's Russian
Communist Workers Party moved away from the
"national-patriotism" of Anpilov since he left the
party, and to what extent [is] racism and antisemitism
still part of their ideology?"

"ANSWER: It's an interesting question.  I'd say racism
and antisemitism never were a part of their explicit
ideology.  Racism specially has nothing to do with the
party. Antisemitism is a different matter.  Anpilov's
own "theory" is that Capital has become "Zionized."
But it was never a part of any major, at least,
ideological statements by the party.  These documents
often include "struggle against Zionism." Recently I
read the issues of their major newspaper for the last
two years and was pleasantly surprised having found no
antisemitic pronouncements.  However, the picture is
not that bright.  The party has a strong nationalist
wing that now dominates it.  Antisemitic attitudes
remain widespread among party members, both
intellectuals and workers.  Here is one recent
example.  At the Eighth Party Congress, Boris Gunko,
the leader of the left wing, complained that one of
the leaders of the party exploited antisemitic
prejudices of some party members in his struggle
against leftwingers and Gun'ko personally. He quotes,
e.g., Yakovlev telling at the party meeting in Tver
that "three Moscow Jews want to highjack our party
organization." Gun'ko complained that this strategy
"bears fruit." Already twice at this congress I heard
delegates saying: 'Do not listen to him (Gun'ko).
Don't you know that he is a Jew.'

Gun'ko is paying now the price for his own and others'
lack of intolerance to antisemitism.  I recall how
often he would allow antisemitic rhetoric used by
speakers during the weekly meetings in downtown Moscow
that he organized  and usually led (sometimes it was
Anpilov).  Gun'ko's last statements express a very
pessimistic view of the situation in RCWP.  His big
article about the congress indeed pictures the party
in the hands of opportunists and nationalists some of
whom he depicts with a great gusto (he is a good


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