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Comrades and friends:

Hot from the front line.

The province of Corrientes, in Argentina, has been ravaged by the
policies sponsored by the IMF. Industrial development has been
turned almost nonexistent, and it is overtly a matter of the past
in the capital city, a town well above the 250,000 people.  Most
people are now either trying to make a living out of fishing in
the Parana river, or in the "informal sector", or as employess of
a provincial state that pays miserable wages.  But even these
have stopped flowing and with them the whole economic and social
fabric is tearing away.  Not even the policemen are paid, and
this adds to the fact that the policeman who will march on you
will, in these Inland towns, be your mate in the dancing hall
next Saturday to make the provincial police useless for

The protests have been gathering momentum (and there is a
peculiar experience of self government and administration in poor
quarters, due not to any kind of socialist convictions but simply
because the State has withdrawn). There is a battle taking place
right now, while we are writing these lines. People have cut the
traffic along the bridge that links Corrientes to Resistencia, on
the opposite shore of the Parana River. This bridge is a
strategic point, and is known locally as "the Mercosur bridge":
traffic from Chile and the Argentinian Northwest must use it to
reach Brazil. The next connection lies 600 kilometers to the
South, unless you resort to the small and old ferries between
Goya and Reconquista (300 km to the South).

People were threatened with the troops of the Gendarmería
(formerly, a special frontier military group, specialized in
struggling against smugglers, the Menem administration has turned
it into a militarized police with the advantage that its members
come from different provinces, so they keep lean and light links
with local populations).  Here is the first part of the reports I
am receiving. Please forward them to as many people as you can.
This is not a minor battle, and we are helping a group of workers
who have decided to organize themselves independently to fight
for their rights.

The reports are dated and hour is given. Local times are given in
"military' (24 hours) format. They are GMT -03:00 hours.

You can forward your support to cabildoabierto at yahoo.com


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:Corrientes, Lunes 13 de Diciembre 17:40 Hs.
:El Dr Sotto Dávila se comunicó por medio de una radio
:local para informar a todos los autoconvocados que se
:encuentran en el Puente Gral Belgrano que a partir de
:éste momento tienen un plazo de una hora para
:desalojar el mismo.
:Cumplido este plazo se procederá al desalojo de los
:El Comandante Contreras pidio encarecidamente que en
:el plazo de una hora no se encuentren en el puente:
:Mujeres, Niños ni ancianos.
:La Tropas de Gendarmeria se encuentran a 300 Mts. del
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:Obtenga su dirección de correo-e gratis @yahoo.com
:en http://correo.espanol.yahoo.com

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