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Sun Dec 19 20:32:12 MST 1999

>I am very very surprised, by the way, especially after having been so alone
>here arguing that the concrete specific case of E. Timor was an exception to
>how Marxists always handle imperialist meddling (la palabra que quiero es
>ingerencia, no existe en inglés) in the third world, to find so many of the
>comrades unable to see this also as a form of intervention, moreover, a
>very, very, very old and traditional form of imperialist intervention (going
>after the "despots" from Spain in 1898), the incursions into Mexico during
>the revolution, and so on.

Well, that's what makes this list interesting and why I reject
characterizations like "Menshevik" or "opportunist" out of hand when
dealing with the sorts of individuals here, who are obviously thinking for
themselves and not speaking for powerful rightward moving institutions like
bureaucratized trade unions or well-funded parliamentary parties.

Only last month Phil drew a line in the sand and said that all Marxists
belonged on his side with respect to East Timor. José demurely declined the
invitation. Now on a completely different question, they see completely eye
to eye with each other. That's the kind of culture we are trying to create,
where people are not afraid to think for themselves.

My only problem with the discussion so far is that it has had a much too
abstract character. What is needed is information that will help us shape
our own ideas. Now I have an unfair advantage since I have access to Nexis,
but on the other hand if comrades can think of nothing to say except that
one should never--I say NEVER--side with the imperialists, then there's not
much point in having a discussion. Unless people make the effort to come up
with new information, I'd suggest that the topic has exhausted itself and
we should move on.

Louis Proyect
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