"Detention" of Pinochet

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at SPAMosu.edu
Sun Dec 19 20:07:31 MST 1999

>    Now, in the case of Pinochet, we are watching *real* international
>law. What is the real international law is the precedent set. Twelve
>years ago it was "law" that Nato and other imperialists could not bomb
>a sovereign country, much less in Eastern Europe. Now it is "law" that
>Nato can, despite UN international law treaties. Why? Because they did,
>and no one stopped them.
>    People have already pointed out that this has the possibility of
>leading to the arrest of Castro or Ocalan. "Human Rights Watch" (a very
>definite misnomer, BTW) agreed with the idea of "trying" Fidel in a
>statement made about 14 months ago. The Imperialists would love to be
>able to go "arrest" Tirofijo or Chavez tomorrow, and what better proof
>that it was "evenhanded" than if they had just polished off trying a
>right wing criminal from his own continent? Very bad politics, indeed,
>would lead us to open this trap door, we could all fall through it. Ir
>would be a sort of global Smith Act. And this act would never be law,
>but it could damn well be "law", it would be the day after the trial of
>Pinochet is successful.

Speaking of a precedent, didn't they already set one with the indictment of
Noriega?  They bombed Panama to arrest the guy and tried him in Florida.  I
believe that was the first time a foreign head of state was indicted in a
U.S. court.


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