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On Mon, 20 Dec 1999 09:58:02 +1300 Philip L Ferguson
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>James Farmelant wrote:
>>the Indian Rationalists
>>who specialize in exposing the frauds of India's swamis, yogis,
>>gurus, and the other multitudes of "god-men" that flourish
>>there.  Since many of these god-men live shamelessly off the
>>of the poor, the Indian Rationalists have in order to combat their
>>influence adopted the practice of sending out their members
>>into villages where they will  duplicate the feats of the god-men
>>and then show the people how these tricks were performed.
>>In this way the Rationalists seek to combat religious superstition
>>and promote popular enlightenment.  Something that we
>>as leftists and Marxists ought to be strongly supportive of.
>Where could I find out more about this?

The Indian Rationalists (whose full name is the Indian
Science and Rationalist Association) don't seem to have a web site of
their own as far as I can tell  but there
is nevertheless a lot of material on-line concerning their
activities.  Some relevent sites include:

        tells about their exposure of one of the better known
        gurus in India.

There is ( the Indian Skeptic -
a publication that apparently is closely allied with them.

Other sites of interest would include:

as well as CSICOP's own web site
( and the web site
of the Internet Infidels which has lots of links to different
groups and publications.

Possibly Proyect's friend Meera Nanda could also provide more
information since the people's science movement which she
has been associated with is closely allied with them.

Jim F.

>Philip Ferguson

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