Hot from the Slavoj Zizek Masturbatorium

Doyle Saylor djsaylor at
Sun Dec 19 21:24:39 MST 1999

Title: Re: Hot from the Slavoj Zizek Masturbatorium
Greetings Comrades,
    When I read Mark Jones "ironic" remarks on Zizek I thought this is pretty
far off.  But I didn't have time to make a considered remark.  I noticed
Tsegai's comment:
Whether meant in 'fun' or not, out of context or not, this is racist
rubbish; deranged.
I take this comment Tsegai makes very seriously.  First I want to be clear that
the comment Tsegai makes about Mark's words being deranged is not in my opinion
appropriate.  That derangement doesn't explain anything, doesn't ground itself
in a sense that a disability is involved.  I just want to make it clear that
Mark Jones being mentally disabled has nothing in my opinion to do with his
comments.  The damning point I agree with Tsegai is that Mark seems to me to
have been racist in writing about Zizek.
However, his remarks are stereotyping of Zizek based not upon Zizek's specific
thoughts, but on language and cultural assumptions about Zizek.  I agree with
Lou about Zizek, but Mark Jones comments are not about Zizek's weaknesses as an
intellectual, and are instead grounded in observing language and other elements
of Zizek that I have no reason to think has anything to do with what I reject
concerning Zizek.  Nor anything to do whatsoever with the reality of Zizek.
My main concern is to register a criticism of Mark Jones directly that this "humor"
piece strikes me as racist also as it has impressed Tsegai.  I would expect Mark
Jones to think about this seriously and understand that such remarks are not
what socialism and internationalism stands for.  To speak to that and change his
behavior.  Just admitting something besides that his "irony" strikes other
people as off is not sufficient acknowledgement of the impact of racism upon
this list.  I don't think Mark Jones is willing to accept responsibility for the
meaning of his description in our eyes which makes it difficult to come to terms
with him as sharing our common goals toward socialism.
That is what I want that Mark Jones make an effort to show he understands this
unacceptable behavior needs to be changed.  I want though to make it plainly
clear that I do not lump this in with any sort of thinking about Jones being
deranged.  These words of Mark's strikes me as racist remarks period.  Not
deranged, racist.  It may be that Mark was a supporter of the Serbs, but that
doesn't merit his taking someone into a cartoon which is abusive
characterization of the persons language and culture.
Doyle Saylor

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