Mengistu considers "returning to South Africa in the future"

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky gorojovsky at
Fri Dec 17 22:35:03 MST 1999

I do fully agree with José on this issue. The policies of Spain
towards Latin America were described by King Juan Carlos in the
Dominican Republic, shortly after the death of Franco. They
constituted a very important asset for Spain to obtain admission
into the European Union, and amount to simply use the 'common
brotherhood of Iberian nations' as a wedge to turn them back to
the dependency on Europe. As José points out very aptly, Spain
has been taking over the assets built by the Latin Americans in
long decades at zero cost, and has become a major gambler in the
economies of many of our countries. It is no surprise, then, that
now they also suppose they can try Latin American citizens. Why
not Latin Americans trying Meg Thatcher for the Belgrano war
crime (see Tam Dalyell on this if you can find things by him), or
trying Reagan and Clinton for Panama and so many other crimes?
The day the Spanish courts hand over one of these criminals to
us, we shall perhaps begin to respect them.

Treaty ports are treaty ports, no matter how 'progressive' they


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