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Fri Dec 17 12:27:19 MST 1999

I am close to releasing a new webpage for the mailing list, as well as the
domain "www.marxmail.com". It will include a "statistics" section that this
will surely include:

“...Today, we have about 4 percent of the world's people.  We
enjoy about 22 percent of the world's income.  It is pretty much
elemental math that we can't continue to do that unless we sell
something to the other 96 percent of the people that inhabit this
increasingly interconnected planet of ours.”

>From the remarks by U.S. President Bill Clinton to farmers,
students from the Seattle-Tacoma area who study trade, and area
officials, at the Weyerhauser Facility, Transit Shed - Terminal 5,
The Port of Seattle, Washington. December 1, 1999

Louis Proyect

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