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Thu Dec 16 18:24:19 MST 1999

Thank you Philip for your statement on the right of imperialists
to cleanse their own blood by putting the murderers to trial.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at inea.com.ar
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:Getting imperialism to try its former stooges doesn't raise or
:any radical consciousness.  It suggests that imperialism is
better and more
:moral than its lackeys.  The lackeys take the fall and
imperialism emerges
:smelling of roses and preparing for its next 'humanitarian'
intervention at
:the expense of the people of some impoverished Third World
:I wonder if some right-wing Third World dictatorship put the US
:or British PM on trial, liberals and people on the left would
get so
:excited and supportive as they do when imperialism decides to
shaft one of
:its former flunkeys and charge them.

I have consistently proposed that the Argentinian government can
put Thatcher to trial for murder, and that we should put the
whole Spanish government to trial on the accusation of swindle
and helping former murderers here. It has incensed more than one.


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