Hot from the Slavoj Zizek Masturbatorium

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Sat Dec 18 15:14:06 MST 1999

* <yu217096 at>:
>Can someone explain this please.
>M A Jones wrote:
>> "Hoy, Dudes!!!!
>> Moy naim, iss Slavoj. I yam from big seeti, Belhgrad,
>> you know? But now I hit BIG TAIM!!! Lekchurs!!!
>> Gurls!!! Big pisstake of gobbliguk in New York Reviw
>> of Buks, big seminars in Oxford, Englund in big lekchur
>> halls where gurls sittin wiv legs akimbo, moufs agape,
>> men, you wooden beleev!!! So fuckin EASY to score,
>> men!!!!!!
>> Your pel
>> Slavoj

That's Mark Jones's vintage pulp fiction performance.  Parody as critique
-- an old trick of late modernism.  Though Mark dutifully professes his
love of Socialist Realism, I say he doesn't know what aesthetic stuff he is
made of.  I wonder if Mark has read Wyndham Lewis, for instance, "Enemy

*****   Am I too dangerous, that no man can let
This 'wild beast' out, but keep it as a pet?
Must I on charity be sustained,
And never be unwittingly unchained?
Must I be given _nothing_, lest I take
Too much from the world's _trop-plein_?  Fake after fake,
Encouraged, must usurp the place is mine?
And yet had I demanded a gold mine,
Or aimed to be dictator of the West,
I could not be regarded as a pest
More than I am by asphalt-inkslinger
Alike, and in the manger monied cur --
Nor more askance if my pen were a sword
Excalibur, itching to strike abroad!
What is it that men fear beyond everything?
Obviously an open person.  Bring
One of us 'truthful ones' too near, their nests
Would be unfeathered.  Experience invests
Us with such terrors, us whose tongues are clean,
It is rarely in the high-places we are seen.
If such as I were made too famous, oh
What would he not be doing here below!
Hence very aged men -- else ruffians tried --
Are puffed and boosted, flattered and glorified.
The Shaws of this world, they are _safe_, that's it!
In the toothless head there's no danger for the bit.
So there you have (in this political age)
The secret of the dishonour of the sage --
The one that's young enough to have some teeth,
The one that's suspected honest underneath.   *****

You see, Mark, I'm telling you, as a friend who remembers the very first
post you posted on the old spoons Marxism-International, leave it up to
libertarian bohemians and fascist modernists like Wyndham Lewis to "epater
le bourgeois."  Use your brains more productively.


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