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:What kind of 'anti-capitalism'?
:There were anti-WTO protests in India, France, the US, the
United Kingdom,
:Brazil, Canada, Australia, Pakistan, Holland, Argentina,
Colombia, Bolivia,
:Bangladesh and elsewhere.

Sorry, not true for Argentina. There was no mass protest here at
all, unless you call a 'mass' the melancholy gathering of some
hundreds of well-meant but politically useless petty bourgeois.

True protests (such as the crowd in Corrientes who, by the way,
were attacked by the Gendarmería troops but resisted and are
still keeping the Corrientes-Barranqueras bridge in their hold,
or the crowds who took Route 34 in Tartagal, Salta, and were
equally menaced with attacks by the Gendarmería) are still
inchoate and point to the effects of free trade policies, not to
the  WTO. What we have here is political action on the legal
field and on the traditional political field, not mass action.

Whoever informed of anti-WTO protests in Argentina was committing
the worst of sins a Socialst can commit, according to Lissagaray:
to tell lies to people.


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