Ceding ground to capitalist ideologues

M A Jones mark at SPAMjones118.freeserve.co.uk
Wed Dec 15 12:42:34 MST 1999


>I don't know. I certainly wouldn't write something like this myself, but I
>do find it effective [snip wonderful Yoshie-exegesis of Henwood's
mental state]

So do I find it effective.

Yoshie is wonderful, no doubt about it. Dougie must feel he has
chillied ants in his pants when he reads it. It's wonderfully destructive. I
take my hat off to her. But at root all she does is appeal to his better nature
(where is it? We do not hypothesize a superego any more: is it in his
hypothalamus? Pineal gland? Karmic big toe? God knows). This is really no better
than resorting to suasion but as Marx said, 'He whom you seek to persuade,
you acknowledge master of the situation'.

The point is not to do pop freud about henwood craving acceptance. It's
the fact that political enemies MUST be BROKEN; and you can't wage these battles
inside people's dreams, you have to do it in reality. We have to destroy political
enemies, and a cursory examination of the political history of revolutions tells
you that the first and cruellest enemies that have to be extirpated are the false
friends of the revolution, people like Doug Henwood. And at the end of the
day who really gives a flying fuck about his mental state? The revolution will
trample him anyway. Or find ways to make use of him (he's pliable, that's clear).
Let him find another couch to lie on.


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