Niccoló Macchiavelo(was: Mengistu considers "returning to South Africa in the future")

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky gorojovsky at
Wed Dec 15 17:15:38 MST 1999

:AFTER years of talking up his vision for an "African
Renaissance", South
:Africa's President Thabo Mbeki gave a broad hint last week that
his brand
:of renaissance may owe more to Machiavelli than Michelangelo,
writes Ed

As Michael Pugliese has aptly remarked recently, this would be
for Mbeki's praise, indeed. It is not a matter of chance that
Gramsci spoke of "The New Prince".  Machiavelli is a curse word
in the English speaking world (I have been told that the devil
himself is called Old Nick in honor of Master Niccoló), but his
is the tragic destiny of the classics: everyone quotes him, but
nobody has seriously read him. His work is essential for Marxists
wanting to build power.

Whatever one may think of Mbeki, if the idea of O'Loughlin is to
throw some invective on him, he should resort to a different
author. We Marxists should be fond of welcoming the great
theoretician of political ideas among our ranks, where he would
have some very interesting threads with that other giant Hobbes!


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