To Dennis was Re: On LBO and De Long was Re: Harry , a son of the Devil himself

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Tue Dec 14 21:18:37 MST 1999

>Who's this "we"? If you go ballistic every time someone else has a
>slightly different opinion from your own, how can you possibly expect to
>convince 250 million Americans, with all *their* viewpoints (some
>wholesome, others frightening), that you're right?
>-- Dennis

Now Dennis,

even my good self with a taste for twisted polemics would not have tried
this on.  Who are the 'we?', you ask.  Well a group of us have been in
cyber space together for over 5 years.  We have argued, fought and
discussed together.  I have laughed and cried with these same people.  I
have been uplifted and kept going by the comradeship and spirit.  I often
say and this will embarass the hell out of Lou that he was sent along to
save my revolutionary soul.  I was deeply depressed and mired in deep
entrism when I read a piece he wrote on Lenin and the WW1.  I regard that
as a political turning point in my life.  I was to put it simply -
isolated, demoralised and worn down with years of struggle against the
right wing here in Queensland. Lou showed me that there were others who
were committed to continuing the good fight; others who were not going to
be 'reconstructed', others who didn't want to come in from the cold at any

Now I disagree with Lou on matters such as the 'legal peaceful' stuff he
got from the SWP.  I belong to the 'Burn Baby Burn!' school of thought, but
these differences are within the scope of comradeship.  The De Longs of the
world exist not to expand the universe of revolutionary discourse but to
exterminate it.

You caricature us because you are our house De Long.  Frankly, mate, I
would have given you the flick long ago.  But Lou is a damn sight more
tolerant than myself.



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