Ceding ground to capitalist ideologues, and a warning toanarchists

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Wed Dec 15 14:17:38 MST 1999

>And in this corner, Cyber Macho Man...first time/tragedy, second time/farce,
>third time/parody, fourth time/tv sit-com, fifth time/e-list posturing...
>what tripe...      Michael Hoover

Actually, it was meant as a joke to begin with. I think the business about
Schwarzenegger buying the movie rights to a flame war between Mark Jones
and Doug Henwood is kinda funny. Of course, you have to see this in
literary terms. Mark, the son of a Welsh coalminer and Communist...a
Communist himself and self-described Stalinist...Spy novelist, Russian
citizen for 15 years, married to a Russian woman of noble ancestry.

Anybody who calls himself a "Stalinist" nowadays is obviously looking to
create a bit of a shock. The only other person I know who does this is
Richard Gott, the Guardian reporter who got in trouble for taking money
from the Russians. Turns out that all this boiled down to was being paid
for junkets to conferences in Bulgaria to stay at 3rd rate hotels. Richard
is brother-in-law to my good friend Carole (Yoshie--you met her in
Washington), who is a die-hard Lacanian. Everytime Carole comes back from
London, she regales me with shocking tales about Richard's latest
scandalous remarks. He was a big fan of the Shining Path--although I think
90 percent of this was to "epater les bourgeoisie". Carole's sister lines
up with Richard and the two of them drive her crazy. All are from the
bourgeoisie, the Ashleys daughters of a career officer who drew maps of
British colonies.

Then there's Doug. Master of skepticism and a playful sense of irony, with
whom arguing leaves one with the sensation of trying to nail jello to the
wall. The notion of Doug willingly entering into debate with Mark is rather
humorous to start with. Against his skepticism and playful sense of irony,
Mark will play the fire-breathing Red Jacobin to the hilt. It sounds great
on paper but it will never happen.

Louis Proyect

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