: Episodes from American Trotskyism

Michael Pugliese debsian at SPAMpacbell.net
Fri Dec 24 22:44:22 MST 1999

As always, Carroll Cox clarifies matters, thank you as always. However, I
still don't think that most folks are fooled when, concealed communists,
deny or neglect to make open, their communist convictions. One reason, I've
always disliked the "progressive" label (not for "fellow travelers" who
wouldn't have joined, and were more valuable as non-party "influentials") is
due to this disingenousness.

    In a country where the mass media and other
opinion molders, mistake liberal puke like Clinton
et. al. for leftists, I want lefties to be forthright about where we are
coming from.  The Right is, why not the Left? After all, the right, after
it's electoral shellacking in '64 from
LBJ's brand of Cold War Liberalism ( Tons of Guns and Butter, well..
margerine), kept on organizing, moved the GOP even further right, and come
Reagan, '80, turned the whole polity and the economic/ideological/cultural
so far right, that to nostalgic liberals, LBJ/JFK/HST/FDR looked like
Bolsheviks rather than the shrewd, pro-capitalist, mildly reformist pols
they were.
   As a sidelight on this, how much of the ideological and policy successes
of the right, post 70's, were driven by neo-conservative
renegade defectors from the Old Left, who never
gave up the polemical habits and skills for argument that they learned back
in the 30's  and 40's. Given how threadbare right wing ideology
when it comes to new ideas ("Get your Hayek and Von Mises Here. Hot Off The
Press!") Big Biznessmen must have been happy when Irving Kristol et. al.
finally admitted he was a Republican and began multiplying all those think
tanks and new conservative rags.
                                     Michael Pugliese

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