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Anders Püschel ahp at
Sat Dec 25 12:38:57 MST 1999

Automated censorship is funny. On some of those systems even a word like
"analysis" gets caught.

Anders Püschel
ahp at

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Från: Michael Pugliese <debsian at>
Till: marxism at <marxism at>
Datum: den 25 december 1999 17:55
Ämne: Re: Naughty words

>Those "profanity filters" screen for words that don't even appear, as the
>below I sent to lbo yesterday shows.
>                                       Michael Pugliese
>Date: Fri, 24 Dec 1999 17:58:53 -0800
>From: Michael Pugliese <debsian at>
>Subject: Re:Message Blocked - Content Block Failure.
>>Please be aware that the Company's electronic mail (email) system has a
>built-in content checking
>system designed to prevent inappropriate email traffic between Robert
>Fleming and the public mail
>An email issued with the subject Re: Hillary, centrist creep like her
>sent by you has been blocked by the vetting system because it contains
>unacceptable words or
>phrases, e.g. jokes or profanities.
>It should be noted that the vetting system operates automatically and,
>despite careful testing,
>there remains a small possibility that an acceptable message may be
>blocked.  If you believe
>that your blocked message is a valid business correspondence and should be
>released, please contact
>the Robert Fleming London Helpdesk on 0171-814 2000 x4444, quoting Sender
>Name, Recipient Name,
>Subject line of the message and date sent.
>Robert Fleming London Messaging Team
>       Can Robert Fleming's in London sub with his home PC e-mail address?
>The "profanity filter" software his company uses came up with with this
>inaccurate bit of BS, after I sent the U.S. News & World Report piece of
>pundit pap from Michael Barone on Hillary. BTW, the word "heroin" doesn't
>appear in the text from Barone or my prefatory words. Mena (Cocaine Import
>Agency/Barry Seal), AR. does, "marijuana" does, and "junk" as in "junk food"
>(not as in junkie slang, now, I'm gonna type "smack" (as in smack my lips!)
>and see if the profanity/jokeometer at Flemings picks that one up. Ah, the
>joys of cybercensorship, what with Echelon this has a chance to trip up the
>National Security Agency computers in Ft. Meade, MD. and Australia, as well.
>                                Michael Pugliese
>00:56:36.23 (LEX:003) Found phrase Value 100, Text "heroin "
>00:56:36.25 (LEX:002) Data was binary
>00:56:36.26 (LEX:002) Data was binary
>00:56:36.28 (LEX:002) Data was binary
>00:56:36.28 (MSW:001) Following disposal route "FoundProfanity".
>00:56:36.28 (MSW:002) Quarantine disposal
>00:56:36.34 (MSW:001) Message quarantined in "Blocked Messages" as entry
>00:56:36.34 (MSW:002) Quarantine disposal end
>00:56:36.34 (MSW:002) Inform disposal "ProfanityList"

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