Eliancito to become U.S. citizen?

Jose G. Perez jgperez at SPAMfreepcmail.com
Tue Dec 21 07:55:27 MST 1999

    Cuba has long argued that the U.S. campaign against the island is
fundamentally annexationist: that the logic of everything being said and
done by the U.S. government is not just to push around a smaller country
whose government we don't like, but to swallow it whole.

    More proof, if any were needed, comes from the Hon. Sens. Trent Lott,
leader of the Republican majority in that body, and Connie Mack (Florida),
Don Nikles (Oklahoma), Paul Coverdell (Georgia), y Larry Craig (Idaho). They
are demanding that President Clinton put off any decision on Elián's case
until AFTER the Senate has had a chance to consider a socalled private bill
that would grant Eliancito U.S. citizenship, although they recognize that
whether or not he is a citizen has little to do with the outcome of the

    This move, undoubtedly dreamed up by the right-wing Mafias in Miami,
show once again the true nature of their movement, which is not to re-create
the mythical "Yesterday's Cuba" they claim to long for but to make Cuba
another Puerto Rico, another American colony. Fat chance.

    It also shows how ruling-class forces in the United States are
maneuvering to postpone until the Greek Calends a determination in Elian's
case, which is a straightforward matter of a child separated from his family
and his sole surviving father, for the U.S. Senate does not even reconvene
until January 24, and it would be weeks, in the best of cases, before any
legislation is voted by both Houses. The idea that the boy should be taken
from his family because the U.S. disapproves of the government in his
country of origin, or of the father's political ideas, or of the schools he
goes to, does not have a leg to stand on morally or legally, and has nothing
to do with how many countries consider Elian a citizen.

    Moreover, every day that goes by with Elian away from his home, and the
love of his father and grandparents, increases the risk of permanent
psychological trauma to the boy. All child psychology experts agree that,
after the loss of his mother, what a child needs is a return to normalcy, to
his routine, his neighborhood, his school, the security of safe and known
surroundings that can give him the space he needs to face up to and come to
terms with his terrible loss.

    What the Clinton administration is doing, allowing the right-wing Cuban
exile Mafias to turn the boy into a political football, is a crime against
humanity and a sin against the God that Clinton claims to worship, for it
was Christ who said, what you do unto the least of these, you do unto me.

    We must not let the modern-day Herods of the Clinton administration
sacrifice Eliancito on the altar of cheap anticommunist propaganda.

    In the future American working people will build a new society where
there will be nothing more important than the well-being and happiness of
the children, just as Cuban working people have begun to do. By fighting to
rescue Elián from those who have kidnapped him, we are laying one of the
moral cornerstones of that future today.


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