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Thu Dec 23 08:16:43 MST 1999

Russell Grinker:
>The Emotional Self
>Thursday 20 January 2000, 6.30-8pm
>We have heard Tony Blair's voice quake with feeling, seen Peter Mandelson
>cry - even Will Carling has confessed publicly to being in therapy. How have
>we become so in touch with our emotions, and what are the consequences?
>Frank Furedi, author of Culture of Fear
>Blake Morrison, author of When Did You Last See Your Father?, and As If
>Janet Daley, Daily Telegraph and Radio 4's The Moral Maze
>Raj Persaud, consultant psychiatrist.
>Chair: Sandy Chalmers, former editor of Woman's Hour and director of
>communications at Help the Aged

This reminds me. Over on apst, I cut and pasted one of Ann Lander's columns
on marital problems from Good Housekeeping Online and posted it to apst,
representing it as an LM article by Dr. Frank Furedi that was scheduled to
appear in the next issue of LM, the first of a regular feature on personal
relationships. After reading it, one of the LM regulars over there demanded
to know how I got a hold of the purloined article, but did not question the

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