Are men oppressed? NO!

Rachel E grrrach at
Wed Dec 22 02:24:10 MST 1999

George Pennefather wrote:
> There is an emerging gender ideology that seems to suggest that many men are being
> marginalized, trivialised and oppressed by contemporary  western capitalist society.
> This, it seems to me, is an ideology designed to force further back the retreating
> feminist movement.
This has been the topic of many articles the capitalist press, many
so-called "feminist" writers proclaiming that men are oppressed cos they
aren't in touch with their emotions, boys are doing worse then girls in
English and aren't graduating from yr 12 at the same rate as women etc
This ideological softening was what the Liberals here need to attack
women's rights even further than they have been able to get away with.
They've cut child-care to shreds, introduced anti-women (and worker)
legislation that means employers can fire women more easily and one
g'ment male rep went to an International Convention on Pregnancy and
Work and stated that it was OK for bosses to give women pregnancy tests
b/fore hiring them!

The Aust g'ment is also taking funding from women's services and giving
them to Fathers Rights groups who come out with things like "Women beat
men just as much as men beat women" and other such crap...

Anyway: men aren't oppressed as a sex, women are. Working class men are
oppressed cos of their class and the feminist m'ment should ally
themselves with working class men who are willing to fight with the
feminist m'ment.

Fight for a feminist future!

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