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For those of you in little England...

Debates for the new millennium

The Trouble with Men
Thursday 13 January 2000, 6.30-8pm

The evaluation of masculinity has undergone a profound shift. Manly virtues
have become masculine vices. What does this crisis of masculinity mean for
men and for women?

Melanie Phillips, author of The Sex-Change Society: Feminised Britain and
the Neutered Male
Richard Reeves, society editor, The Observer
Dave Hill, journalist and author of Men
Mark Ravenhill, playwright, author of Shopping and Fucking, and Handbag
Chair: Jan Macvarish, founder of The Maverick Club

LM magazine, in association with the Royal Society of Arts, is hosting a
series of 'debates of the age' in January 2000, to which you are invited.

Entrance to the debates is free - but you must phone the Royal Society of
Arts to reserve a place; call Robert Carter on +44 020 7451 6868. All
debates will take place at the RSA, 8 John Adam Street, London, WC2N 6EZ.

For more information, phone Tiffany Jenkins at LM magazine on +44 020 7269
9227 or email lm at


The Emotional Self
Thursday 20 January 2000, 6.30-8pm

We have heard Tony Blair's voice quake with feeling, seen Peter Mandelson
cry - even Will Carling has confessed publicly to being in therapy. How have
we become so in touch with our emotions, and what are the consequences?

Frank Furedi, author of Culture of Fear
Blake Morrison, author of When Did You Last See Your Father?, and As If
Janet Daley, Daily Telegraph and Radio 4's The Moral Maze
Raj Persaud, consultant psychiatrist.
Chair: Sandy Chalmers, former editor of Woman's Hour and director of
communications at Help the Aged

The Future of Faith
Wednesday 26 January 2000, 6.30-8pm

The churches are empty, religious leaders are trying to modernise. But as
organised religion declines, there is a rise in individual spiritualism.
What is the future of faith?

Christine Odone, deputy editor, The New Statesman
Mark Ryan, LM magazine
Further speakers to be confirmed.

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