In Defence of Stephen Jay Gould

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Wed Dec 22 23:39:53 MST 1999

>I like Caudwell to, and he is good on developing this point. I too
>love scaffoldings. And there are I think probably rules for the
>craft of writing -- for those for whom it *is* a craft. How many
>of you would like to have your intelligence, your very worth
>as a human being, judged by how well you could sing opera
>or carve marble or run the 100 metre dash?

I like the analogies you used here.  Nobody thinks that we can learn to
dance by first diagraming dance steps. We learn to dance first through
mimicry and learning by doing.  And then, it might make sense for some who
want to reach a higher level -- especially those who want to teach dancing
-- to break down the movement into steps and analyze them scientifically.
It's the same for language use, I think.


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