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Mon Dec 20 00:23:05 MST 1999

Actually Phil is not quite correct here.  Even venerable imperialist
institutions like the House of Lords have to an extent moved with the times
and adapted to the more PC forms of bourgeois domination in the UK.  Judge
Lenny Hoffman who was one of the original Law Lords hearing the Pinochet
case, turned out to be a patron of Amnesty International and that is why a
retrial was necessary.  The current "liberal" South African influence in the
UK legal establishment (Hoffman and a number of other liberal figures are
ex-South Africans) is also an interesting point.  These guys seem to be
playing an important role in reshaping the face of British law in line with
the new gospel according to Blair.  So when the UK legal establishment
decided to take the government to court a couple of years ago, who did they
use but (just knighted) Sydney Kentridge, once part of the legal team which
defended Mandela and almost every other important ANC leader of the time in
the famous Treason Trial.  Kentridge won his case against the British
government by the way.


From: Philip L Ferguson
>Now, the British House of Lords, last time I looked, was an imperialist
>institution - dominated moreover by Tories (and, I assume, mainly Tories of
>the old, conservative Empire variety).
>An interesting question then would be, why this most decrepit,
>anti-democratic and Empirish of British imperialist institutions would
>over-rule a lower court and thereby assist the prosecution of Pinochet.
>These kinds of cases, where the left appeals to the most medieval of
>British institutions to lend a hand, reveal the sorry state of the British

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