Pinochet detention

Philip L Ferguson PLF13 at
Sun Dec 19 18:47:33 MST 1999

Jose writes:

>No, the connection that those who take a white liberal position refuse to
>see is between YOUR IMPERIALISM in the North and OUR 'FASCISM' in the South.
>It isn't the connection between "capitalism" in general and repression in
>general. It is about YOUR domination of OUR countries, that's what creates
>the Pinochets, Videlas, Batistas, Somozas, Papa Docs and so on and so forth.
>And thus you turn around and say, let's make OUR white imperialist countries
>the JUDGES of your "savage" countries. No thanks, we've been there and done
>What this shows isn't that there's enough "residual justice" within the
>imperialist countries, its that there is TOO MUCH "residual" great nation
>chauvinism among many leftists.
>You say, oh, dirty maggie is coming out against Pinocho, so let's support
>the position of . . . the CURRENT british government, which is JUST as
>throughly 100% imperialist and bourgeois as Mrs. Thatcher's was.

Most excellent post, Jose!

Interestingly, Trotsky pointed out in the 1930s that in a situation of
conflict between 'fascist' Brazil and 'democratic' England, he would be on
the side of 'fascist' Brazil.  Trotsky understood Lenin's point that one of
the key features of the imperialist epoch is the division of the world into
oppressed and oppressor nations.

Unfortunately a lot of Trotskyists and Trotskyist-influenced left-liberals
of today do not at all understand the distinction, let alone its practical
importance for present-day global politics.

Philip Ferguson

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