Black Like Who? - Why African Americans Arn't SupportingMumia/Salon, freepers and Rage Against The Machine

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Fri Dec 24 11:52:37 MST 1999

Re:Debra Dickerson> Have also seen her byline in The New Republic,
relatively frequently, and The Nation, not as frequently.
    Lou, when was that Salon piece on FARC? BTW, on Nov. 15th, I e-mailed an
editor of Salon, Joan Walsh, apropos their piece on the far right(anti-G.
Dubya Bush tool of NWO...) website, which was the usual liberal scare piece on those rascally
reactionaries and how far they are from us reasonable centrists, they are
far from our positions right? Right? Oh well, as the late Phil Ochs penned,
"Love Me, Love Me, Love Me, I'm A Liberal!" Esp. liberals
who think they're not conservatives, even a bit to the left since they write
checks to Hillary Clinton's campaign( got three direct mail pieces last
week), Amnesty Int'l. (same) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (oh Morris
Dees, dontcha think your group exists in a symbiotic, parasitic relationship
to the KKK et. al.?)
   Anyway, enough of my rant, below is the Salon editor,Joan Walsh'es reply
to me. In my initial e-mail to her I'd mentioned that I'd remembered her
pieces in In These Times, circa mid to late 80's on California
left-liberalism ala Tom Hayden's and his now moribund Campaign for Economic
                               Michael Pugliese

yes, free republic is a fun read. i think you're right about our tone, and
we're trying to court more intelligent conservative writers.

not many people remember me from in these times. thanks

    Perusing the website, I saw mention of two pieces in Salon
about the freepers at the freerepublic website. As one pretty firmly on the
left (I can remember when you where a contributor to In These Times) but
also one who likes to snorfle wherever political issues are debated, I also
check out the FreeRepublic site regularly. I only wish more
"progressives"(my how Old Left/CPUSA'ish that dreadful word is!) would do
the same. Salon too often when it does notice the right-wing has a
self-satisfied, self-rightious tone akin to an old chant I remember,"Racist,
sexist, anti-gay, right-wing bigots go away!" (Somehow I think Antonio
Gramsci saw the struggle to construct a counter-hegeminic discourse as a bit
more complicated than that..)
                    Michael Pugliese
FYI, Joan. Nussbaum is the Aristotean femininist philosopher who wrote the
devastating review of Judith Butler's Lacanian obscurities on "Gender
Trouble" for the New Republic(an) recently. You ought to get her to
contribute- just to piss Camille Paglia off- who I love for her style if not
always for her content.
                               Michael Pugliese

why Salon is bad for lefty idealism (from lbo list)
 (BTW, are there any Rage Against The Machine fans on Marxism list, or are
we all 30, 40, 50,60+ somethings(ageist! hehe!) not willing and/or able
to keep up with current rock? RATM helps to politicize the kids, glance at
their website and you'll find lotsa radleft stuff on imperialism,
prisons, the whole laundry list magilla.
                                    Michael Pugliese

Subject: why Salon is bad for lefty idealism
From: Peter Kilander (peterk at
Date: Mon Nov 22 1999 - 15:55:56 EST

"Listening to Rage's records is like being attacked by a mad chow while a
team of circus clowns whacks you in the head with leaded whiffle bats."

OK, that is funny, but the rest of Gavin McNett's review betrays a bad case
of what Martha Nussbaum described as "hipster defeatism," which runs rampant

"The enemies that Rage are fighting are atavistic bogeymen like censorship,
conformity and White Men in Suits."

Quoi? Exsqueeze me?

Even if you don't like their music and don't agree 100% with their message,
Rage is a Pied Piper leading kids into politics. And they are immensely
popular. Just the other day, the young, purple-haired Philippino woman who
was cutting my hair told me how much she loved Rage which led to an
enjoyable conversation about their politics - something she didn't know that
much about - and politics in general.

Peter K.

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