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Carrol Cox cbcox at
Mon Dec 20 17:48:06 MST 1999

Paul Kneisel wrote:

> At 06:44 PM 12/18/99 EST, Ken Lawrence <Apsken at>
> >
> >According to CSICOP, publisher of Skeptical Inquirer, only white men are
> >outstanding skeptics. Perhaps this helps to explain CSICOP's tradition of
> >sneering at Afrocentric and feminist authors.
> >
> Opposition to the mysticism in our society frequently draws criticism that
> is either determined by individual psychopathy, conscious invention and
> dishonesty, or both.
> Naturally, not everyone fits into this category. So I try to ask people
> about their sources before reaching any public conclusions about either
> their honesty or ability to handle reality.
> Thus, I ask Lawrence for his source for his claim that "According to
> CSICOP, publisher of Skeptical Inquirer, only white men are outstanding
> skeptics."
> After all, it is his proposed discussion. I've responded; now he has an
> obligation to do the same.

Your initial post was vague as to who was saying what about whom,
but I presumed that Ken was merely supporting the statement you
had made, so I'm a bit confused. I also find this post hard to
construe in reference to who is saying what about what or
whom to whom. You can't tell the players without a program it

But anyhow, I subscribed to the Skeptical Inquirer for several years
and let my subscription drop when it became increasingly obvious
that they were letting their stated purpose (the critique of claims of
the paranormal) be poisoned by an implicit attitude very much
like what Ken states. In fact they ticked me off so much that at
present I wouldn't be bothered trying to prove the point. If you
don't believe it, subscribe yourself and read it for a couple years.


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