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Carlos Eduardo Rebello crebello at
Thu Dec 23 13:55:48 MST 1999

Fowarded from Chilean Izquierda Cristiana:

> > "Entre las dos alternativas que se presentan rechazamos ambas, porque la
> > Concertación ha traicionado los ideales que la vieron nacer y la
> > candidatura de Lavín es heredera de la dictadura. Pero estamos
> > conscientes de lo terrible que sería caer de nuevo en manos de la
> > derecha que concentra mucho más poder que Pinochet. Por eso nuestro
> > llamado es a tomar conciencia de este hecho, no una orientación
> > partidaria, porque en estas circunstancias es la gente la que responde".

This is something that should be taken in view in our understanding of
the Pinochet case. Most of the neoliberal bourgeois "democratic"
government now in place and firmly in the saddle in nowadays Latin
America, althouygh always in colusion with the political forces that
supported the old military dictatorships of the 60s and 70s, gain musch
of their legitimacy by pillorying the human rights abuses and cruelties
of such dictatorships; we see, for instance, in Brazil, the FHC
government trying to reopen the Riocentro case, when, on Labour Day
1981(1st May), a group of military diehards tried to explode a bomb in a
mamooth convention center in Rio, where a musical show was being held
and sponsored by the Braz. CP. Unfortunately for our brave milicos, one
of the bombs exploded on the lap of the sargeant who was preparing it,
killing him and badly wounding the capitain besides him.An investigative
parody, organised by a brigadier who wanted to have a general's star on
his shoulder, concluded that the communists had thrown the weapon on the
sarge's lap, and that he was trying to disram the bomb when it
exploded... The capitain is now a colonel, but has no chance of becoming
a general and will retire soon. Neverthless, what counts is that the
brains besides the entire operation are long in their graves, and that
the President/Dictator in turn, who chose to whitewash the entire
investigation, the General Figueiredo, is in his early 80s, demented,
incontinent, and dying. So there is no gain whatsoever in this
investigation (even in the case of the cap., the charges will be
pescribed in 2001, that is long before one could reach a veredict). So
what is all that fuss about? The fuss is that the villification of the
military, in Latian America, is nowadays increasingly serving the
political purpose of making our wretched bourgeois-oligarchical
democracies, where the oppressed are each x years called to choose by
whom they shall be oppressed, is some ideal state of affairs...The fact
is that, when a serious inquiry is made about these finds, perhaps one
shall find that the policies of Cardoso's, Menen's, Alwyn's, etc. ,
through misdirecting of resources, cut in spendings, corruption, and the
like, have killed from hunger, lack of elemental care leading to
avoidable and untimely death, depression, etc. - that such policies have
killed many times the people killed by all military governments through
direct application of force. And there is no denying that the way in
which the Pinochet case is being handled by international bourgeois
forces, such as the Law Lords plays for the legitimacy of such successor
"democratic" governments.

BTW: Cardoso is presently encountering fierce resistence among the
military - he had even to give the Air Force Commander the sack - to his
(naturally IMF-sponsored) project of future taking away of civilian
airports managment from the air force, and *privatizing them as a
profitable service to be taken care of by private firms*. My position in
this peculiar issue could be no more firm:I'm for the military and doubt
if I shall there to set foot into a plane flying to/from any Brazilian
airport after such privatization is accomplished.

Carlos Rebello

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