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Sun Dec 26 07:11:05 MST 1999

>In short there never have been nor can be nations. It is merely an
ideological construct.
>It is an idea or image used to regulate and control the behaviour of the
masses in the
>interests of capitalism.It is a regulative idea or image designed to
obstruct the working
>class from organising along class line and thereby form a working class
community and its
>corresponding solidarity.
>Warm regards
>George Pennefather

George, I don't mind it if you want to shock people. I like to do this
myself from time to time. For example, once on PEN-L I argued that the
assassination of John Lennon was organized by a rogue faction of the animal
right movement in retaliation for "I Am The Walrus".

But if you are going to make an attempt to be outrageous and provide
entertainment here, I would at least ask you to go through the motions and
address Marxist literature on the subject from Marx on Poland and Ireland,
to Lenin and Trotsky on the Easter Uprising, 1916. Across the rather wide
body of Marxist literature, there is a general consensus that nations have
reality and that oppressed nations deserve support against oppressor
nations. For background information, I strongly recommend August Nimni's
"Marxism and the National Question".

Louis Proyect
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